A Woman Writes A Children’s Storybook Inspired By Her Pit-Bull Named Joey


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    Pam Maxey from Camas, Washington, did not use to be in favor of having Pit-Bulls as pets. Pam used to believe that Pit-Bulls were aggressive animals, and for that very reason, they were last on Pam’s list as far as her favorite pet animals were concerned.

    As time passed, Pam’s opinion about Pit-Bulls completely changed because she met Niko.

    The smart, goofy, and loyal Niko was Pam’s first Pit-Bull, and Pam learned from him that the common perception about Pit-Bulls being aggressive animals was not a reality.

    When Niko died because of old age, Pam decided to get another Pit-Bull. Pam had first seen her new Pit-Bull named Joey on the website of a non-profit dog rescue organization in California called the Saving Huey Foundation.


    The website had it mentioned that the Pit-Bull was found wandering on the streets of southern California by two young girls. Joey was only eight weeks old at that time, and the girls took him to their home and kept him hidden. Then one day, the parents of the girls eventually found out about the presence of a dog in the house and dropped him off at the Saving Huey foundation.

    Joey was in a terrible condition at that time because of having a skin disease, and it was not easy to find him a home. The foundation still managed to find Joey a place to live at a shelter that dealt specially with Pit-Bulls.

    Joey was able to gather many followers on the social media pages of both the foundation and the shelter. When Pam adopted Joey, she decided that she was going to continue with Joeyโ€™s social media presence.


    Pam wanted Joeyโ€™s story to go beyond social media, so she created a childrenโ€™s storybook about Joey so that even those people who do not use social media could also be able to learn about the Pit-Bull.

    The book narrates the story of Joey and aims to educate the youth about the positive qualities of Pit-Bulls.

    Image source: Kelly Moyer via Post-Record


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