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    About Cynthia

    Cynthia is a young entreprenuer who lives the life of a surfer girl on the beaches of Mexico with her Mexican dog Duma, named after an African lion in a movie, her female kitten named Freddie (after Freddie Mercury, who she LOVES) and her 7 chickens, down from 13… much more managable, but fewer eggs.  Each one has a name, and hey!  even Lady Gaga keeps chickens for pets!  Don’t believe me?  Click the Keeping Chickens image and visit her Chicken Chickie blog!

    Are you whacko for dogs and cats?  So is Cynthia!  Visit her Crazy Cats & Dogs blog to watch funny videos or learn how to solve a problem.

    She also has a Amazon Pet Store dedicated to our dogs and cats, shop there if you need anything online.

    Because she makes her living online, she can live the laptop lifestyle, and is happy to share with you her secrets to having a secure financial independence.  If you want to learn how to make money on the net and become successful and free with a secure future, just click the Make Money Online tab on her Hi Cynthia webpage.

    One of the things Cynthia is really into are guided meditation videos.  She actually co-created a beautiful one with a girl friend named Tink, who is a ballet dancer, guided meditation expert and holistic life coach.  They met a few years ago while living on the same Caribbean beach in Mexico and became fast buddies.  You can sign up to receive a free 3 min snippet of their Guided Meditation For Happier Abundance HERE.

    She’s also into healthy eating and nutrition, so if you are in need of losing weight, or trying different teas or smoothies or foods or essential oils for feeling better, just click the Get Healthy image on her page and visit her health blog.  There’s even an ultrasound hand held gadget that will make your fat cells shrink, no kidding!

    And of course, like all girls, she loves to shop!  If you like jewelry or clothes or need biking or hiking or camping or workout equipment, click on her Go Shopping image and take a tour around Amazon or Gearbubble….her Gearbubble shop specializes in Cool Granny Gifts and Family Heart Gifts!

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