Artist Turns Old Car Tires Into Dog Beds For Stray Pooch


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    With an overproduction of materials becoming a global problem, recycling and reusing things are all the more critical these days. These activities would help the environment to recuperate if only people would know its importance. Amarildo Silva is one of the few who understands the importance of recycling and reusing. The guy then decided to make dog beds out of old tires.

    The idea first came to Silva when he noticed that several discarded tires are scattered around Brazil. Additionally, the population of dogs in the country is also high. So, Silva thought of a brilliant idea of transforming the old tires into dog beds.

    Through this, he would be able to hit two birds in one stone. Silva explained that if his plan succeeds, he will be able to produce quality products out of trash. Furthermore, this would not only help Brazilโ€™s environment but also provide stray dogs with beds.

    Silva began his project all by himself. He collected old tires and brought these to his garage. There Silva cleaned the dirty tires before designing the same into dog beds. It was a thorough and delicate exploration, but since Silva wants to help, he persevered with this undertaking.

    When he successfully made a dog bed out of the tire, the next thing Silva would do is to decorate the finished products. He would often put small beds and pillows inside the tire so that it would look like a legitimate bed. The young man became successful with his advocacy and gave all his finished products for free to some animal shelters.

    Silva documents all his work and uploads the photos on his Instagram account so that people would know about his advocacy. The man now has over 13,000 followers on Instagram, where he serves as an inspiration to environmental advocates.

    Credits to Caominhas Pets Official.


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