Cocker Spaniel Who Underwent A Successful Heart Operation Is Ready For Her Forever Family


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    One of Amanda’s spaniels has a heart murmur. It seems to be a severe one as it has become so loud that Amanda can hear it. A heart murmur is a dangerous condition as it could cause the dog its life.

    Amanda was not sure what is going on with Elliot’s heart, so she wants to have him checked. This is also for them to find out the best option that they have to prolong Elliot’s life.

    Elliot can pass away anytime, even in his sleep. Amanda wants to get ahead of anything that may happen to him. As they were on their way to the doctor’s office, Amanda was hoping for good news.

    The doctor checked Elliot and recommended that they do an echocardiogram. It is the most critical and helpful test to determine the status of Elliot’s heart. This is how they will know the severity of his condition.

    That’s when the doctor diagnosed Elliot with PDA or Patent Ductus Arteriosos. It is a condition where an open vessel that is supposed to be closed right after birth fails to close. This causes the heart to work harder than it should.

    The doctor said that the best option would be to close that vessel. If Elliot does not go through the surgery, he would have a much shorter life.

    Amanda opted to have Elliot get the surgery. In every operation, there is always a risk. For Elliot’s case, he could hemorrhage, and this would cause immediate death.

    Amanda is hoping for a smooth surgery. She wants Elliot to be healthy so she can find Elliot a good home. Thankfully, the operation went as planned, and Elliot is now recovering.

    Heart surgery is always scary, but Amanda is pleased that everything went well. Elliot would need his peace and quiet to recuperate for a while. Once he has fully recovered, he would be ready for his forever home!

    English Toy Spaniel With A Severe Heart Murmur Gets Medical Help | Amanda To The Rescue

    Source Animal Planet via YouTube


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