Dog Neglected For Being Nice Finds A New Family As Nice As Her


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Pit bulls are often frowned upon as feisty and unruly dogs. Due to their appearance, people tend to be afraid of this dog breed. But if there is one pit bull that does not fall under any of these prejudices, it would be Helena. Helena is a sweet and caring pooch.

But while she is lovable as well as kind, these positive characteristics did not bode well to the ones who adopted the pooch. Before she got adopted, the pooch was with the LifeLine Animal Projectโ€™s Fulton Country Animal Services. Since the volunteers there were hardworking, they were able to find a new family for the pooch.

However, after a few weeks in her new home, the adopted decided to return the pooch to the animal shelter. The adopter told the volunteers that the pooch was too lovely. The adopter thought that since Helena is a pit bull, the dog would be able to guard their house.

Since the dog was too sweet, Helena was not able to keep up to the adopterโ€™s earlier expectations. Nevertheless, the volunteers could not do anything to change the mind of the adopter. It was with heavy hearts that the volunteers took Helena yet again under their care.

In an interview, Karen Hirsh did not deny the claims that Helena got returned because the pooch was too kind. Karen, who serves as the shelterโ€™s spokesperson, felt the sadness of the pooch. Even then, the spokesperson was hopeful that someone would adopt the pooch for good soon.

True enough, the shelter announced on their Facebook page that the dog got adopted. But this time, the couple who decided to adopt the pooch promised to take good care of the pooch. Although the coupleโ€™s identities were withheld, the animal shelter assured its followers that Helena is in safe hands.

This Dog Returned to Shelter for Being 'Too Nice', Finds Perfect Family

Credits to Story of Animals.


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