Easy-Going Pooch Wears Adorable Smile During Ear Cleaning


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    Keeping our canine pals clean and healthy is every fur parent’s goal. From preparing their meals to vet visits, fur parents do everything they can to keep their dogs happy.

    Thus, it’s not unusual for a doting fur dad to bring his puppy to a veterinarian and get its ears cleaned. However, this ear cleaning session’s bound to become a memorable one as the pooch wears the most adorable smile.

    Ooh, it feels funny!

    In this short yet smile-inducing video, an adorable brown-furred Golden Retriever pup sits on a table. At first glance, you’ll think the pooch’s merely taking a break from an energetic activity.

    Human Interest

    However, as you look more closely, you’ll soon realize the pooch patiently sits on the table while its veterinarian gently cleans its ear. Even as the vet carefully inserts the cotton pledget inside the dog’s ear, the pup continues to sit quietly.

    Suddenly, the obedient puppy wears the most adorable smile as the vet carries on with the procedure. With this, Dad laughs out loud at the funny sight his pup made.

    It’s ticklish, you know.

    As the video progressed, the hilarious puppy continued wearing its adorable smile as the vet continues cleaning its ear. Either the dog finds this procedure ticklish, or it’s merely happy that it can finally hear clearer.


    Even as the veterinarian pushes the cotton pledget deeper into the ear canal, the pooch doesn’t move or flinch. Instead, the adorable puppy continues wearing its smile throughout the procedure, ultimately earning giggles from its fur parents.

    Though the dog doesn’t do anything more hilarious than wearing a smile, it’s incredible to see how the pup behaves itself during such a procedure. Thus, if you’re curious enough to see the adorable Goldie in live-action, click on the video linked below.

    Video Credit: Rumble Viral


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