Foster Pooch Becomes A Shelter Dog Helper After Recovering From A Serious Illness


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    Just like any other rescue dog, this pooch named Yuri experienced maltreatment from her former owners. Before the pooch arrived at the Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter, Yuri was in bad shape.

    But what made it worse for the pooch is that the veterinarian found out that she had pneumonia as well as heartworm. If these diseases were not detected earlier, the same could be fatal for the pooch. Aside from this medical condition, Yuri also nursed broken legs because of the severe maltreatment she underwent.

    With her health deteriorating, the vet had to hasten the treatment of the pooch. It was Amanda Kopec, a dog warden at the shelter, who showed kindness to the pooch. During the darkest moments of the pooch, Amanda was there to look after Yuri. Amanda likewise did everything she could to cheer the dog up, assuring Yuri that everything will be alright.

    The dog’s surgery went well, and after a few months, Yuri got discharged from the clinic. Since the dog still needs to recover, it was Amanda who made sure that the dog’s recovery will happen. The warden decided to bring the pooch with her at the animal shelter where Amanda works. Amanda likewise told the animal shelter that she will be the one who will take good care of the pooch.

    As soon as Yuri fully recovered, Amanda trained the pooch to be her assistant. Soon enough, the pooch learned the basics of being a dog helper. The dog’s primary task is to guide Amanda in her duties that include making sure that the dogs inside the animal shelter are given the attention they need.

    Amanda expressed how thankful and pleased she is that the pooch made a full recovery. More than this, Amanda is happy than Yuri is now thriving in her new environment.

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    Credits to The Petco Foundation.


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