Golden Retriever Puppy Meets A New Friend In The Mirror


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    Meeting a new friend is always fun and exciting. The getting-to-know-you phase of a friendship is a sweet and special stage in developing lifelong bonds. You probably remember the day you first met your best friend, and for sure, you cherish that moment with all of your heart.

    That is what our featured video is about. Here we have a golden retriever puppy who excitedly meets a new friend. But there’s a twist to this platonic meet-cute.

    Are you curious about what that twist is? Please watch the video below and try hard not to guffaw.

    Golden Retriever puppy very ecstatic to find a new "friend"

    The golden retriever puppy in the video is named Cali. Maybe that’s because he’s from California. Or perhaps her name is an Americanized spelling of Kali, a Hindu goddess.

    The origin of Cali’s name is subject to speculation. We can be sure of two things, however. First is that Cali’s a cute doggo, and second is that Cali’s hankering for a friend.

    Thankfully, Cali meets another golden retriever puppy. The pup looks just like him. They could even be twins.

    Cali tries to get closer to the puppy, perhaps for a nice consensual hug. But he can’t, due to some invisible physical barrier. Cali is confused.

    Unbeknownst to Cali, he’s actually standing in front of a mirror. The puppy whom he wants to befriend is no other than himself. The dog’s situation could be a metaphor for something.

    Anyways, Cali learns an important lesson here. And that lesson has something to do with self-awareness. We’re hoping that this lesson carries him well through life.

    Also, we wish that Cali gets to meet his bestie in due time. All dogs deserve a best friend. That’s not impossible given Cali’s a good doggo, and he’ll be a dependable friend and partner in crime.

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