Pitbull Gives Birth To Eight Puppies In The Middle Ofย A Massive Storm


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During one of the worst storms in Southern California, Hope For Paws received an urgent call about a stray dog. About 48 hours ago, a stray Pitbull gave birth. Rescuers had to race against time to save the little furry family.

Loreta Frankonyte, Lisa Arturo, and Eldad Hagar drove for 3 ยฝ hours to get to the said location. Immediately, they searched through the dense bush to locate the mama dog and her babies. About half an hour later, they found where the animals hid.

Eldad Hagar

Residents spent the last three months trying to rescue the stray dog. But sheโ€™s too scared, so she kept running away from them. But now, sheโ€™s about to receive the help that she needs.

Eldad broke through the thicket and crawled into the den. The mama dog can choose to escape, but as any good mother will do, she decided to stay with her precious ones.


The mama dog, now named Rainbow, took the cheeseburger Eldad offered. She also let her rescuer place a leash around her neck. Afterward, she allowed him to take her puppies.

One by one, Eldad pulled the puppies out of the den and handed them to his colleagues. Although Rainbow felt a little confused and sad, she realized they were there to help them. So she allowed them to take her babies out.

Lisa Arturo

As soon as Eldad pulled the last puppy out, Rainbow stood up and voluntarily stepped out of the den. The rescuers placed the entire family in one crate before loading them into the car. And in the middle of the storm, they drove back to the rescueโ€™s veterinary center in Hollywood.

The storm continued to rage, and the electricity was still out. But the rescuers managed to work things out. They kept Rainbow, Misty, Thunder, Breezy, Flash, Raindrop, Bolt, Droplet, and Stormy warm and comfortable throughout the night. And a few days later, the entire family moved to their foster friends with The Little Red Dog until their forever families came and brought them home.

Credits to Hope For Paws


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