Pregnant Mama Dog Wanders Into Someone Elseโ€™s Yard And Gives Birth A Couple Of Days Later


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    Hope For Paws got a text from a young woman who needed their help. According to her, a pregnant mama dog wandered into their yard, and a couple of days later, she gave birth. Quickly, Loreta Frankonyte and Eldad Hagar responded to the scene.

    Spring is fortunate to have found a kind stranger who fed her and gave her a temporary home. Rather than giving birth on the streets, she delivered her nine puppies in a safe place. And she’s incredibly grateful for the help that sheโ€™s received.


    Loreta and Eldad expected Spring to be a little protective of her babies. But to their surprise, she immediately approached them to say hello. She even let Loreta give her some head scratches.

    The woman who took care of Spring and her babies watched a rescue episode of Hope For Paws on the local news a week before. So when the little furry family came, she called them for help. She knew they are the best people to give Spring the aid that she and her family need.


    The puppies, named Jasmine, Monarch, Lady Bug, Butterfly, Caterpillar, Sunshine, Roly Poly, Dragonfly, and Butterfly later on, were only five days old at the time of rescue. While a bit fragile because of their young age, all of them were in perfect health.

    Eldad Hagar

    One by one, Loreta took the babies and placed them in a carrier. As soon as Spring saw her babies in the car, she hopped right into it and laid beside them. At the rescue centerโ€™s vet clinic, Loreta gave Spring a much-needed bath, and she felt a lot better after it.

    Spring and all her babies proceeded to the Love Joy Foundation a few days later. They stayed with their rescue friends at the organization until their new forever families came to bring them home.

    Credits to Hope For Paws


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