Shelter Dog Always Wants To Hold The Hands Of People Passing By


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    Some dog lovers would want to take all the responsibility and give the shelter dogs all the love in the world. But this is not always feasible, and foster parents only have limited capacity. When you visit a shelter, you may find dogs who are desperately begging for attention and care. This may even break your heart.

    One dog at the Bullock County Humane Society would do everything just to capture every personโ€™s attention. The second the pup sees an approaching person, he would push his face between the gaps of his kennel. This dogโ€™s name is Speck.

    And this dog would always want to hold the hands of people who pass by his kennel.

    All Speck needs is love

    Desiray Miracle-Wilder, the director of the shelter, said that all Speck wants is peopleโ€™s love. Speck would reach his little paw between the gaps of his kennel, and he would beckon a passer-by to touch him. Speck would get sad when the person just walks off.

    Speck has a sad story. For a year, he was an unnoticed pup in a small kennel in a shelter in Alabama. And he had been waiting for a family to adopt him. While Speck has a lot of scars on his face, the pooch is still trusting of humans.

    Desiray said that Speck is just so fixated on receiving love from people. She added that he just wanted to be touched. When a person holds his paw, Speck will hold that personโ€™s hand. When someone scratches his belly, Speck will roll over to reveal his underside.

    A new family for Speck

    Hoping to help Speck find a new forever home, Desiray uploaded a video of Speckโ€™s affinity for hand-holding online. The video, which was uploaded on Facebook, received more than 90,000 views in a few days.

    The video captured the attention of another rescue center who helped in finding a new home for Speck. Fortunately, a family decided to adopt the cute pooch.

    Shelter Dog Wants To Hold Hands With Anyone Passing By

    Video Source: Judge Larry Britt via YouTube


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