These Pit Bulls Are Nanny Dogs


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    Many people believe in the stigma that pit bulls are dangerous, but that is only a myth! Loads of people happily own pit bulls and say that they are one of the best dogs that they ever had! Keep on reading to find out why Pitbulls are incredible canines.

    Pit bulls are kind

    You will notice the most prominent personality trait of a pit bull is that they are so sweet. Many people trust their Pit bulls to be around their kids and babies. Pit bulls love to play with kids gently and make the kids smile.

    Sometimes people call Pit bulls โ€œnanniesโ€ because they love to look after human babies! They love staying near babies because it is in their nature to care and protect their loved ones. Pit bulls are the definition of gentle giants.

    Pit bulls are cuddly dogs too. You can see in the video that they love to cuddle up to people gently. They love to please people and are so affectionate, so they will do their best to make you happy.

    Great guards

    Pit bulls make fantastic guard dogs because they will bark at suspicious people. People see that Pit bulls are protective of their family members. This breed will keep potentially dangerous people away by barking at them. They are alert dogs who will protect your home at all costs.

    Healthy pooches

    This breed is usually very sturdy, so you wonโ€™t have to deal with them being sick when you take care of them. They are not prone to disease or weight gain compared to other breeds.

    If you want a loving dog that you do not have to groom every day, the pit bull is your best bet. They have a short coat that is low maintenance, which means you do not have to brush them every day. They should be easy to groom too since they are calm pooches.

    It would be best if you did not judge the canine by the breed. Tons of people happily own pit bulls because they are a wonderful breed. If you want an excellent family dog, then a pit bull is the right choice for you.

    If you want to see how sweet pit bulls are, check this video out:


    Source: Youtube | Yahooooo


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