These Two Pit Bulls Can’t Bear To Be Separated — But Will They Ever Be Adopted Together?


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Agatha and Jukebox have been inseparable ever since they arrived at the shelter. By some miracle, they were both found by the same person at the same time. Otherwise, they might have ended up in two different shelters. Their cell had enough space for them to not be in each other’s faces, but they would always stay close to each other.

Of course, all the people at the shelter found the whole thing endearing, but there was just one tiny problem. How on Earth were they going to find a person or a family who would be willing to adopt both dogs instead of just one? They’ve already seen how dependent Agatha and Jukebox were on each other, so putting them in separate homes was out of the question.

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Luckily, they didn’t have to wait that long before a couple finally came in and asked about the two Pit Bulls. And the moment it was confirmed that Agatha and Jukebox were going to be spending the rest of their lives together in the same home, the news quickly spread. These two darlings have won the hearts of everyone working at that shelter, and the team couldn’t be any happier about this development.

A retired military officer and a government employee were looking to adopt a dog because the one that they had passed away recently. According to them, their house had gone unnervingly quiet ever since, and that they’ve wanted to fill that void. When they heard about the strong bond between Agatha and Jukebox, the couple knew that they had to take both dogs home with them.

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And the Pit Bulls were quick to get settled in their new house. They knew that they have found their forever home and that they would never have to worry about losing each other again. Similarly, their new parents have re-discovered the joy of sharing their house with not one, but two adorable dogs. Their home was lively again.

Pittie Best Friends Had To Be Adopted Together | The Dodo Adoption Day

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